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Google Duo will not work on uncertified mobiles either

It seems that Google is serious about the certification of mobile phones. After a few days ago we learned that Google Messages would stop working on uncertified mobiles, we learned that the same future awaits Google Duo: no certification, no Google Duo video calling.

This is what the text included in the latest version of the Google Duo APK does, and that we have been able to confirm. It indicates that Duo will cancel your account registration on a device if it is not certified by Google Play.

In this duo there is no room for uncertified mobiles


Mobile manufacturers need certify your terminals with Google to include your pre-installed services. During these certifications, the terminal is verified to meet Google's hardware and software requirements. It is possible to check the status of your mobile, from the Google Play settings.

Mobile phones that are launched without Google services, such as the latest from Huawei, that install Google Play and the rest of Google applications by unofficial methods, appear as "uncertified", and the same happens when installing a ROM on the mobile . However, until now, having an uncertified mobile had no repercussions except in a few cases.

What are Google Play Services and what are they for?

The repercussions, it seems, are coming. Google Messages will stop working on March 31 and Google Duo, apparently, too. In this case there is no date, but a text string within the Google Duo APK indicates it clearly: Google Duo will not work on uncertified mobiles (or, to be exact, the "unsupported" ones).

Duo will soon be unavailable

Since the device you are using is not supported, Duo will soon de-register your account on this device. Download your clips and call history so you don't lose them.

These text strings include the text "grace period" in their names, which indicates that Google Duo will give us a few days to download our clips and calls before deleting the record and preventing us from continuing to use the account. If you see this message after installing a ROM and you want to continue using Duo, you can use this grace period to return to the official version of the system.

At the moment, Google has not commented on the matter, although the trend is clear: Google does not want you to use its apps on a mobile that does not have the papers in order. It is foreseeable that this behavior will spread to more applications, and it can be a problem for ROM users or those who plan to install Google services on a mobile that does not bring them.

Via | 9to5Google