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Google Duo adds support for automatic framing in the Samsung Galaxy S21

Over the past year, Google Duo increased the total number of possible participants in a group video call to up to 32 people. A feature of Google Duo that is active for only a handful of terminals allows, during a video call, keep the frame on the person, even if the camera moves.

This kind of stabilizer focused on video calls is called automatic framing in Google Duo. It was released as an exclusive feature of the Google Pixel 4, although it later made it to Samsung's high-end. The latest iteration, the Samsung Galaxy S21, also include support for automatic framing from Google Duo.

"Focused" on video calls

Google Duo is the default video calling app pre-installed on most Android phones. It is an application available for a multitude of mobiles, although some are saved exclusive functions for a handful of terminals. Generally, for the Google Pixel, although sometimes Google opens its hand to add support to other manufacturers.

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It is the case of automatic framing, which corrects the framing of a person's view to keep it centered, even though the camera is moving and the frame is moving with it. It's kind of like a stabilizer focused on keeping faces in the center during a video call. You can see it in operation in this tweet:

Google continues to mention in the official Google Duo help that it is an exclusive function of the Google Pixel 4, although it would also end up arriving to the high end of Samsung. This includes the latest member, whose support for auto-framing on Google Duo has been directly confirmed by Android account on Twitter.

Automatic framing apply to your own camera, so you cannot use it to "fix" the framing of other participants. It is activated during a video call, by pressing the button Automatic framing in the lower button bar or from the Google Duo settings. If the button does not appear, it is possible that the function has not yet been activated even though you have a Google Pixel or a Samsung Galaxy S21.

Via | XDA