Google could introduce vibration in android 12

There are many Android games that are compatible with physical controllers, but this compatibility is far from being the best, especially with regard to vibrations. This limitation of the experience would be close to being eliminated since Google would be developing a much better compatibility with physical controls. And it could come with Android 12.

Connecting a physical controller to an Android device does not have any complications since just link it by Bluetooth (if the remote has this wireless connection) or connect it via USB so that the remote is recognized by the system as game controller. As for the control itself, the opposite of what happens with the haptic sensation of the game: Android offers very limited support for vibration. Will Android 12 be the version that will finally end these limitations?

Android 12 could include full support for vibration on physical controls

Cyberpunk 2077 Android

Having access to complete control of the game on a controller is essential, but it is also important to physically perceive the changes in the game as this the dive is enlarged. You just have to observe how the physical controls of the consoles have evolved: from including vibration with peripherals (as in the Nintendo 64) to developing a complete sensory experience that includes even motors in the triggers (PlayStation 5). Given the growing importance of gaming on smartphones, it is not acceptable that Android lacks a physical response to match.

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As XDA Developers has observed after tracking the development of Android AOSP, the engineers added suggestions to the planning with the idea of ​​considering introducing a better experience in the use of physical controls. The different changes applied to the planning of the AOSP project suggest that Android 12 could sync physical controllers as full game controllers, vibration included.

Support for controller vibration would allow game developers to introduce a better experience through physical control. An API would open the door to the haptic response to the different situations of the game; like contact, gunshots, or explosions, for example. Not all physical controls would have this complete support, the most common ones. Recent console ones would be insured.

It is early to know if it will definitely be incorporated in Android 12 since it is not the first time that changes in the AOSP code are anticipated and then they do not end in the stable versions. Even so, it seems that Google is taking full support for physical controls more seriously, good news for the most 'gamers'.

Via | XDA Developers