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Google Chrome 88 arrives with tab browser, better dark mode in Windows 10, end of support for FTP and OS X Yosemite

Google has scheduled for January 19 the launch of Chrome 88, so the browser should be updating automatically throughout the day for all users. This version comes with some cool new features, and it also ends support for a few things.

Chrome 88 drop support for FTP URLs, both Mozilla and Google had announced for years that they would stop supporting the unencrypted file transfer protocol, and would begin to do so in the summer of 2020, but it is not until now that it has been completely disabled in Chrome.

Another one that runs out of Chrome support with this version is Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Apple operating system users who want to continue using updated Chrome, must have El Capitan or a later version.

If you use Windows 10 you will also notice that the dark theme now has better support, you will not see more scroll bars in light with the dark theme, but the browser interface will better adapt to the rest of the appearance of the system.

How to activate the useful new automatic tab grouping in Google Chrome

Tab Search

Chrome Tabs Search

One of the most interesting functions that the browser now integrates is the tab search, especially useful for tab accumulators, which end up with a completely unreadable space of thumbnails.

With this function active, a new button will be added at the end of the top bar of Chrome, a button with a down arrow that will list all open tabs if we click on it, and that in addition to the list, it shows a search engine where we can type anything to quickly find a specific tab.

With the keyboard shortcut CTRL + Shift + A the search for tabs in Chrome opens

Unfortunately this feature is not active by default, but we can easily enable it from the flags or experimental options of Chrome. Just write chrome://flags/#enable-tab-search, enable the function and restart the browser.

Search isn't the only new feature related to improve the tab management experiences in which the Chrome team is working, also behind a flag we have the useful automatic grouping of tabs, which we can also enjoy in Microsoft Edge, or that of reading tabs later.