Discover which messaging apps your contacts use to always chat with the safest one

Do your contacts use different messaging applications and you want to make sure chat with them using the most secure and private? Well, DM Me is an app that can help you: the software reports all the apps that each user uses, always choosing the one with the highest priority for you every time you send them a private message.

With the controversy that WhatsApp has raised after the latest changes in privacy, through a notice in the application that it has later had to withdraw, there have been many users who they looked for new apps to chat with via messages. And of course, with such a variety of software, it can be difficult to know in which app each of the contacts is, especially when combining several apps on the same phone. Well then: DM informs me of precisely that, of which apps each one uses; giving option of choose the priority ones in order to chat with the most private and secure app.

DM Me shows you all the apps that each contact uses

Contact messaging applications DM Me shows all the messaging apps that each contact uses

WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal ... Which of these three is your favorite, the one that you would choose first to use with your friends and family? With as much movement as there has been in recent days, the closest contacts may have opened an account in another application without you noticing. And DM Me lets you know which apps they use while giving you the option to automatically chat with the priority app.

WhatsApp vs Telegram vs Signal, comparison: which is the safest messaging app?

DM Me is a simple application that accesses your contacts (it is essential since you must know who uses each of the apps) to list them along with the apps they use. In this way you can instantly see if your closest contacts use Telegram, have switched to Signal or are still using WhatsApp; directly opening the app with the highest priority for you if you click on the specific contact.

DM makes it faster for me to consult the messaging apps used by each contact, allowing you to send a message with the priority one in a single gesture

As soon as you start DM Me, you must choose what is your priority order of applications. For example, You can prioritize Telegram above the rest, also select if that first place deserves it Signal. Order the messaging from most important to least and DM Me will open the conversation based on your priority list. What does a contact have Telegram apart from WhatsApp? Well, the first one will be opened directly if it is a priority for you.

Applications Contact

DM Me is a simple application that, apart from informing with all the messages that the agenda uses, enables automatic selection of the preferred one for each person. It is a free app, at the moment it has no advertising and the only purchase within the application is to collaborate with the creator.



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