Delete One Part, a simple puzzle game that is sweeping Google Play

DOP 2 Delete One Part is one of the most successful games that is reaping at the beginning of January 2021. Accumulate more than 10 million downloads despite being in its version 1.0.4, being compatible with Android mobiles from version 5.0.

We have tested the game to understand the keys to its success and, despite being a very simple proposal, it manages to hook you from the first moment and, although it has advertising, the gaming experience is good and fun.

To erase the thing

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The name of the game could not be more descriptive: Delete One Part. In this game the mechanics are as simple as slide your finger across the screen to eliminate one of the parts of the image that shows us.

The first levels serve as a tutorial since they are quite simple, showing us that we can erase practically any element that is shown to us on the screen. While the first levels are very easy, little by little things get complicated, so we will have to think better about where we have to erase to pass the level.

The difficulty grows as we pass the levels, but it is always accessible and simple, especially so that children can play

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However, as the difficulty grows, it's a very accessible game, especially ideal for playing with children. Little by little we will solve the puzzles, since each level is a small test for our imagination and ingenuity. Every certain levels an ad is shown, but the experience is not too invasive as they do not appear too often.

The game occupies just over 80 megabytes and can be downloaded for free on Android. It will be necessary that we have Android 5.0 or higher for it to work correctly, something that shouldn't be a problem currently.

DOP 2: Delete One Part

DOP 2: Delete One Part