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Corellium manages to run Linux on Macs with an M1 chip and publishes the first beta of its 'port'

At this time, which has been announced, there are two projects underway to bring Linux natively to the new Macs with Apple silicon M1 chip. The first is the work of Hector Martin, aka mark, which already brought Linux to the PS4 and has an open Patreon to achieve it on the new Apple computers.

The second project is from Corellium, a virtualization company that recently won a lawsuit brought by Apple by virtualizing iOS and iPadOS on other devices. They have already successfully run Android 10 and Linux on the iPhone 7, and the latest has been natively boot an early Linux beta on M1.

Advanced users can now try Linux on the M1

Corellium has managed to run Linux natively on the M1, compared to the virtualization that until now has been achieved with QEMU or Parallels Desktop. In fact, the company has launched the first beta for whoever wants to install it, although at the moment it is in a too green state.

What they have shown so far does not include a graphical user interface, and is based on 'Project Sandcastle', which was the project with which they managed to run Linux and Android on the iPhone 7. The first version of Linux that they have managed to make work has major shortcomings, such as the USB ports not working. That however, they assure that it will fix in a matter of hours.

Apple M1: anatomy of a revolution

The most complicated it will be able to support the M1 at the driver level as the graphAs Apple is not going to provide native support and all development is focusing on reverse engineering. Since the end of last week, in fact, there has been an intense debate between the two development fronts. 'mark' advocates going slower but doing the whole process so that there are no legal problems with the use of licenses.

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Download | Corellium (link temporarily down)