Clubhouse for Android: when will it be available?

Clubhouse is already working to have its Android application ready as soon as possible.

There is an application that is generating enormous interest by a large number of mobile phone users and it is none other than Club House, a new social network for audio that, for now, is only available on iOS.

But now the creators of this application have just confirmed that Clubhouse will be coming to all Android terminals very soon.

Less and less is missing to be able to enjoy Clubhouse on terminals with Google's mobile operating system

Less and less is missing to be able to enjoy Clubhouse on terminals with Google's mobile operating system

Clubhouse is finalizing its arrival on the Play Store

In an entry posted on the company's corporate blog, the Clubhouse founders themselves, Paul Davidson and Rohan Seth confirm that they had planned to create an Android application since the project began and that their intention is start working on said application very soon and include in it new accessibility and localization functions to improve the user experience on its platform.

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Clubhouse is a social network based on audio that was born in March 2020 in which the user can listen to live conversations and participate in those that are interesting to you.

This platform is totally different from the existing ones, since you cannot leave text messages or assign "likes" to conversations as it happens in other social networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

In this blog post the creators of this audio social network confirm that two million people have started using the Clubhouse in the last week and that its success is based on the desire of people to communicate in a time where physical contact is being reduced as a result of the coronavirus.

The Clubhouse founders have also confirmed that a large portion of the new funding round will be invested in fix the technical problems they have had during the last week due to the avalanche of users and thus be able to guarantee a satisfactory experience when using the app.

It is important to note that this audio social network is a free application but it is not open to everyone (at least for now) but you must be invited by another user who is already using it or, as its creators indicate, you can also sign up for a waiting list.

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At the privacy level, once you open the Clubhouse application it will ask you permission to access your contacts as do other messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram.