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Choosing which app to install on Google Play will be easier with this practical change

The Google Play Store now includes icons that show you which applications are being downloaded the most at the moment.

Normally when we go to the Play Store to find an application for a specific use, we get many questions about which app is better, a question that is now easier to solve thanks to a new function that the Mountain View company has incorporated into its application store.

Google has just implemented in the Play Store, both in free and paid apps, some icons that will show us the trend, up or down, of each application so it is easier to decide which one to install.

Play Store incorporates application trend icons

Now it will be easier to choose which app to install in the Play Store thanks to the trend icons

Google Play incorporates icons that show us the current trend of each application

Android Police has shared a user's screenshot showing how ** the Play Store has incorporated into the section of "Top popular", a new icon on the left side that shows us the trend of each app today.

This icon is an arrow pointing up or down depending on whether the application is trending up or down.

Play Store trending icons

Play Store includes new icons that show us the trend of each app

This will allow us to see which applications have a positive and increasing trend and which have a negative and decreasing trend, thus allowing us see which app is having the most traction between several that do the same function or choose a game that is more fashionable than another at the moment.

What we still don't know is how often the download data is reviewed of the applications in the Play Store to adjust the upward or downward trend and know how many places an app has advanced or fallen in the ranking.