Best Bluetooth headphones for the Samsung Galaxy S21

Music with the highest audio quality with these Bluetooth headphones for your Samsung Galaxy S21.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 has a powerful and good quality audio system thanks to the AKG stereo speakers that it equips. Therefore, it is best to accompany him with some good wireless headphones that keep the same audio level when you want to listen to music in private.

In this guide, we recommend the best Bluetooth headphones for your Samsung Galaxy S21, all of them share good sound quality and wearing comfort. In addition, some of them are characterized by having a wide autonomy, others by having noise cancellation, others by their particular design ... In short, all of them have something very interesting to offer you.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus with Buds Pro

Accompany your Galaxy S21 with the best wireless headphones.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The perfect companion for the Galaxy S21 with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, because everything stays at home. As we told you in their analysis, they are Bluetooth headphones with good audio quality, with a balanced sound profile by default. It also highlights active noise cancellation, which allows you to choose between two different levels of cancellation.

On the other hand, the Galaxy Buds Pro come with an automatic connection system that detects which device to connect to at any given time. In terms of autonomy, its battery has a approximate duration of 5 hours if noise cancellation is kept on. If this option is disabled, it can last up to 8 hours, plus the 13 hours of autonomy that the charging case promises.

Sony WF-XB700

Autonomy is the hallmark of the Sony WF-XB700, a Bluetooth headset with a battery that reaches up to 9 hours of continuous playback, plus the 9 hours added for the charging case. Of these headphones we can also highlight that they have a comfortable design that adapts perfectly to the ear, which allows you freedom of movement without fear of falling.

In terms of sound quality, the Sony WF-XB700 are ideal Bluetooth headphones if you like powerful bass, very powerful. Without going any further, from there they acquire their surname, “EXTRA BASS”.

Yilear Bluetooth Headphones

Some cheaper Bluetooth headphones for your Samsung Galaxy S21 are these manufactured by Yilear, with a high quality audio chip that achieves surround sound. Other features of these headphones that may interest you are their wide autonomy and its design, as each of the headphones barely weighs 3 grams.

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Aukey EP-T16S

Aukey, the firm specialized in mobile accessories, has in its catalog these wireless headphones with Hi-Fi audio and IPX5 water resistance. In addition to those two specifications, the Aukey EP-T16S headphones have a battery life of about 5 hours. In case of using the charging case, the headphones gain an additional 20 hours of playback.

Apart from the headphones, the charging case and the USB Type-C cable, in the box of these Aukey EP-T16S you will find three pairs of ear tips in sizes S, M and L that will help you adapt the headphones to the shape of your ear.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 3

With a style similar to Apple's AirPods come the Huawei FreeBuds 3, one of the several wireless headphones manufactured by the Chinese firm. These FreeBuds 3 integrate a Kirin A1 chip which ensures good audio quality thanks to digital sound processing. They also have active noise cancellationIn other words, this function adapts to outside noise in real time to cancel it out as it changes.

In terms of autonomy, Huawei's FreeBuds 3 promise up to 4 hours of continuous playback, a duration that can be extended up to 20 hours of playtime when using the charging case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

If the Galaxy Buds Pro are too expensive for you, you can always turn to the Galaxy Buds Live, Samsung's previous model of Bluetooth headphones. You can easily recognize them by their Jewish shape, an innovative design that is just one of several reasons why they are the perfect companion for your Samsung mobile.

With an indisputable sound quality, these Galaxy Buds Live are also attractive for their autonomy, since you can use them during 7.5 hours of playback -5.5 hours if you use its noise cancellation-.

Thanks to the charging case, that autonomy can be extended up to 21 hours of playback. Also, if you use the reverse wireless charging of your Galaxy S21, with just 5 minutes of charging you can extend the life of the headphones for 1 hour when you are away from home.