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Amazon will pass on the government's 'Google rate' to third-party sellers, and the customer will probably end up paying more

According to El Confidencial, Amazon is communicating to third-party sellers who use its platform to market products that they will have to pay an extra fee of 3%, which just coincides with the percentage of the recently approved 'Google rate', which seeks that large technology companies pay more taxes before the fiscal tricks of which they take advantage to pay less.

The company does not hide the reason for which it will charge that percentage in a communication sent to the vendors that the aforementioned medium has accessed: "The Spanish Government has introduced a tax on certain digital services (IDSD) of 3% that came into force on January 16, 2021. As of April 1, 2021, we will increase referral fees by 3% for products sold in Spain to reflect this additional tax ".

A measure that affects 9,000 Spanish companies and that, unfortunately, was expected


Measure affects about 9,000 Spanish companies that right now use the e-commerce platform. It is foreseeable that given the little financial muscle that many of them already have and how complicated it is to provide support on the platform due to Amazon's guarantee conditions for the client, users will finally see their products become more expensive from April.

That it is the user who pays is not something new when it comes to taxes. It already happened with the reduction of VAT to the cinema. What should have been transferred to the pockets of the people who came to the rooms remained in their hands, paying people the same or more than before but, simply, with a lower tax burden.

In this case, it cannot be said that a decision like this by Amazon was unexpected, because in August 2019, we already said that, before the 'Google rate' of the French Government, Amazon decided to raise its rates, Passing on the new tax on sellers of the Gallic country.

The speech of Jeff Bezos' company, according to his sources to El Confidencial, is that they want the Executive to seek a global solution at the OECD level, an organization that is working on it, and that in fact the Government hopes to replace its particular tax on technology. It remains to be seen if a similar measure applies to items sold directly by Amazon.