almost a million changes in a month

Nobody seems to be happy with their telecommunications operator, and the Spanish market confirms this, accumulating record after record and touching one million lines covered each month.

Neither the massive arrival of 5G connectivity nor the huge number of virtual operators with very attractive prices that now populate the Spanish market, seems to slow down that feeling that nobody is happy with their telecom operator, and it is not only these companies that always crown the rankings of complaints but discontent is also beginning to show in figures and industry statistics.

Not surprisingly, the National Commission of Markets and Competition of the Government of Spain confirms in its blog that we are moving at the pace of record after record in recent months, at least if we talk about a number of registered portabilities that now constantly touches 1,000,000 lines that change companies every month, between landline and mobile.

operator changes

New record in the dance between telephone operators in Spain.

In fact, in the last month with statistics, which is October 2020, mobile portabilities set a new absolute record of 758,000 ported linesAnd that we already came from a record figure in September of 749,000 mobile lines dancing between companies in just four weeks.

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Historical record in mobile portability with 758,000 lines dancing between operators in October, and in aggregate with fixed lines the second most bulky figure after the previous month of September 2020 ... Is nobody happy with your telecommunications operator?

The data do not lie and the graphics do not, and it is that since October 2019 the barrier of 700,000 monthly portability has not been exceeded on mobile, although it is true that in March, April and May, in full confinement, the trend was of negative records that are probably now being noticed on the rise by changes already planned previously and postponed for the pandemic.

Record of portability in Spain

Monthly evolution of mobile portability (in thousands).

Aggregate portability registers its second highest figure, with 988,100 lines carried between fixed and mobile in October, after a month of September with 1,002,800 fixed and mobile lines in the process of change, thus surpassing for the first time in history the million portabilities in a single month.

Record of portability in Spain

Monthly evolution of fixed telephony portability (in thousands).

The truth is the figures are never seen in Spain, insurance cannot be extrapolated to other markets where prepayment and other contract modalities are more popular, but they are directly proportional to the huge number of complaints that operators already register the drop in the quality of customer service they perceive and users score in surveys.

As a curiosity, we know that you like these details, confirm that MASMOVIL Group and MVNOs registered positive portability balances, growing in number of lines, while Orange, Movistar and Vodafone presented the most notable negative balances.

He year-on-year growth in the number of portabilities that are carried out each month is encrypted around 6%, although the negative detail for the industry is that almost 11,000 mobile lines and 26,000 fixed lines were lost in October 2020, which practically no one uses in their homes.

But let's see, what about you? Are you happy with your telecommunications operator? Do these data agree with the reality of the market? Let us know in the comments!

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