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AlmaLinux will be the other great aspirant to the throne of the 'old' CentOS, and is sponsored by the developers of CloudLinux

Red Hat made a controversial decision a few weeks ago to change radically approach your CentOS distribution, ceasing to support its latest version, and replacing it with 'CentOS Stream', a 'rolling release' distribution.

That caused a Angry reaction from the CentOS user community, which quickly began to project alternatives that would provide the same service: offering a Red Hat Enterprise Linux rebuild devoid of Red Hat logos and marks.

The first of these alternatives that was specified was RockyLinux, promoted by none other than one of the two co-creators of CentOS, Gregory Kurtzner, and whose launch is projected for the second quarter of this year.

However, CloudLinux developers, a popular distribution focused on web servers and data centers and which is also based on RHEL, ** lent themselves to announce their own community distribution and

Beyond the joke, 2020 is being a good year for Linux on the desktop and beyond

CentOS ** clone.

AlmaLinux will arrive before Rocky Linux

A distribution that, for several weeks, we have referred to by the name provision of 'Project Lenix' and that, from now on, we know that has definitely been renamed AlmaLinux, as a tribute to the community of users and developers, the "soul of Linux" according to the CEO of CloudLinux.

AlmaLinux arrives with the promise of an annual sponsorship by CloudLinux Inc. of one million dollars annually, with which they hope to continue offering a binary compatible option with RHEL 8 and that facilitate an easy transition from CentOS.

Thus, the objective of CloudLinux would be to continue offering stable and reliable updates of the first version of AlmaLinux until 2029; that is, a support of 8 years, compared to the 10 promised (and now unfulfilled) so far by CentOS.

So why alternative to gamble? RockyLinux or AlmaLinux? The answer is simple: according to the release schedules announced by both projects, AlmaLinux will be available for download before MarchWhile we won't be able to compare it to RockyLinux until Q2.


Via | FOSSbytes