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After the unstoppable rise of Bitcoin, the value of all the cryptocurrencies in the world already exceeds one trillion dollars

One bitcoin is already worth more than $ 40,000 (It went up to 41,000 as we wrote these lines). In December 2020 we were surprised that it had reached $ 28,000, but the industry was already talking about crazy values ​​for 2021, ones that seem increasingly possible.

Bitcoin only took three weeks to double in value, which currently leaves above 700,000 million dollars to the total circulation of the cryptocurrency, and if we add to that the rest of cryptocurrencies, all combined already exceed one trillion dollars.

Cryptos live not only on bitcoin

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This bitcoin rush has not been alone, 2021 started quite spectacular for cryptocurrencies. For example, the Ethereum network, which is currently the second in market capitalization, has also undergone significant growth.

Ether broke the $ 1,000 barrier during the first week of January, with ua total circulation valued at over $ 140 billion. Bitcoin and Ether are followed by a long series of lower-value cryptos, such as Tether ($ 22 billion), Litecoin ($ 11 billion), and Bitcoin Cash ($ 8 billion).

How to buy Bitcoins safely and without risk

Basically, with this new bitcoin fever, the cryptocurrency fever is back too, and this time the same traditional financial industry is supporting him. That PayPal already allows operating with crypto in the United States, or that BBVA plans to do so in Spain are just two examples of the changes in the market.

For now, the upward trend seems to hold, but we know that predicting Bitcoin's behavior is practically impossible. It would not be surprising if overnight it loses half its value, or doubles it again. But 2021 is undoubtedly already shaping up to be a more than interesting year for cryptocurrencies.