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according to Microsoft, the browser already has 600 million users

The change to Chromium is one that has done more than good for Microsoft Edge, the browser that never finished catching on after making its appearance with Windows 10, has taken a huge turn in popularity thanks to the excellent user experience it now offers.

This is something that is being reflected in its number of users, in a market where Google Chrome is still at the top by a lot of difference, Microsoft's browser has been making an important hole, leaving behind the rest of alternatives such as Firefox, Safari and other browsers based on Chromium, and according to Microsoft itself already have 600 million users.

The second most used browser in the world?

Microsoft Edge

At least it seems so. In October 2020 NetmarketShare put Edge with 10% of the market share of desktop browsers only below Chrome, since it still has to this day.

But let's remember that after 14 years as a thermometer of the browser war, the web decided to throw in the towel due to changes promoted by Google that pose a difficulty when it comes to identifying the user agent of browsers, something that prevents reliable measurements of the use of each, so the numbers after October are far from exact.

Microsoft is the best thing that happened to Chrome: this is how it is improving the competitor's browser

However, Microsoft itself recently wrote in a job posting seeking a software engineer for Microsoft Edge, that your browser has already reached 600 million customers.

Edge is available not only on Windows, but on macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Not only has Microsoft been promoting it more aggressively than the classic version, but it has extended its support beyond Windows 10.

It is in Windows where it obviously has a great competitive advantage as it is replacing the classic Edge as Windows default browser, and where it is also recommended on the screens of the more than 1000 million users that the operating system has.

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