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A YouTube competitor that nobody knows denounces that Google "steals" visits

A YouTube competitor reports that the Google platform steals from him.

Google applications and services exist many and although its cemetery is quite full of closed or canceled applications, tools such as Google Maps, Gmail or YouTube are a must-have in most of the world's mobile phones.

We want to talk about YouTube because it is undoubtedly one of the platforms where we spend the most time throughout the day, whether it is watching our favorite youtubers or any video that comes to mind. Millions of possibilities of our choice.

However, there are many critics of the Google video platform and it is that some of its competitors allege that the company of the big G carries out anti-competitive practices to prevent users from viewing content on services other than YouTube itself. One of the most critical is Rumble, did you know him?

Rumble denounces that YouTube "steals" users

youtube icon on a smartphone

YouTube is one of the most popular Google services

Sometimes there is no better publicity than messing with number one. Years ago, long before Xiaomi was the brand so recognized that it is today, there were not a few videos that it made laughing with Apple with the only clear objective, to make itself known. Something like that is what Rumble is doing.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Rumble reports that Google is unfairly manipulating search algorithms to favor YouTube over its competitors.

According to their statements, when you search for a result in Google, most of the videos that appear are from the YouTube platform, which makes users go there and don't search for content on other platforms.

In addition to this, Rumble also denounces that YouTube is installed by default on Android devices, which makes its competitors at a clear disadvantage, losing viewers and therefore, large amounts of income. But this does not end here.

Rumble calculates that Google has lost him because of YouTube a sum of 2 billion dollars. Almost nothing.

Be that as it may, of all the alternative platforms to YouTube, it is clear that Rumble is not the best known. Now after these statements, get your 15 minutes of glory.