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A Viral Movement Searches For Potential Capitol Raiders On Dating Apps To Help The FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States, better known as FBI, is being commissioned to investigate the assault on the Capitol in early January. In their power they work, for now, 140,000 photographs and videos in which they will try to identify members of the mob that he entered by force in the building that houses the two chambers of the United States Congress.

An arduous job for which they have also requested the help of the public in providing information with which to capture those responsible.

The FBI called for citizen collaboration and a viral movement has organized on dating apps to track down potential Capitol robbers

A call that has been heard by users of dating applications such as Tinder in which, curiously, alleged assailants are boasting of having been part of the siege to the sanctuary of American democracy, a potentially criminal action for which more than a hundred suspects have already been arrested while the investigations continue.

Flirting with possible criminals

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Tinder and other popular dating apps in the United States, like Bumble, They are using images taken inside the Capitol during the January 6 siege to identify possible assailants and prohibit them from using these platforms.

A task to which many users are also contributing striking up conversations with potential rioters with the aim of obtaining incriminating confessions or information that allows federal agents to act against them. Especially women who, to obtain a better result in their particular investigations, are changing their geolocation in these applications to the city of Washington, where everything happened.

The Washington Post tells the story of several women who have proposed this task as a "civic duty" and already would have gotten at least one confession from a man acknowledging their participation in the events of January 6.

"She's paired with Trump supporters and they're showing off and sending her pictures and videos of them on Capitol Hill. She's sending them to the FBI."

"We train for this": this is how the militias were organized by an app-walkie-talkie in the assault on the Capitol

"I'm waiting with the FBI and the police. I have no idea if this will end up being useful, but I feel like there's a good story in there anyway, so everyone go into the apps and start taking screenshots. " a woman posted on Twitter the same day after the assault after ensuring that had seen dozens of possible assailants or participants in previous demonstrations in these services.

Other users account, in response to the tweets we have just alluded to, that a known I was already collaborating with the authorities. "I know a friend of a friend who has changed her preference on Bumble to conservative. She's paired with Trump supporters and they are showing off and sending her photos and videos of them on Capitol Hill. She's sending them to the FBI." assured. The option that allows to indicate a political option was withdrawn and later restored by the application.

This movement, however, it can be worrying Given the you may be misidentifying people who have nothing to do with the assault by exposing them publicly. Past events such as the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing highlighted the dangers that a witch hunt can pose and the detectives of the internet endangering the safety of innocent people.