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A near-final build of Windows 10X has been leaked, and it brings some surprises

Microsoft's great novelty for 2021, if everything goes as planned, is the launch of Windows 10X, its variant of Windows 10 intended, in principle, for dual-screen devices, but which the company has already announced that it will reach traditional laptops. . In fact, it will be in that format where we will first get to know the new system commercially.

However, outside of the deadlines in which from Redmond it is finally commercialized, we have already been able to know how the new operating system looks and works in an almost final version, thanks to a leak that has been used in Windows Central to test it and show it on video.


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Windows 10X

In general, those who have tried it speak of good performance and much more refined operation. One of the most interesting details of Windows 10X revealed thanks to the leaked build has been brought by Tom Warren, editor of The Verge. As shown on Twitter, Windows 10X cannot be activated with a local user account.

Conversely, requires a Microsoft account to operate, whether at home or work. It is possible that there is an option for local accounts, but the fact today is that if it exists, it will be much more hidden than usual with Windows 10. The surprises, however, do not end there.

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Given the limitation of needing an account, Windows 10X cannot be activated without internet connection. It is a measure that can be reminiscent of the controversial and later withdrawn conditions announced for the launch of Xbox One in 2013. For this reason, Tom Warren has hailed the new system as "Windows Cloud PC". Obviously, this is an exaggeration, because we can continue using the system without a network connection. It will only be required at the beginning. But we are getting closer to an always connected future.