A change by Elon Musk in his Twitter bio adding "#bitcoin" makes the price of Bitcoin skyrocket 20% in minutes

Elon Musk's influence on the Internet and on the economy continues to surprise. There are few times that a tweet of yours has made a stock go up or down, and today has once again demonstrated its almost deterministic "power" with cryptocurrencies.

Just by putting "#bitcoin" in your Twitter bio, the value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed from around 26,000 euros to the 31,279 euros it is currently at. Has literally drawn a rising saw.


Elon Musk, able to change trends by doing very little

By now it shouldn't surprise us, but Elon Musk is capable of changing certain trends with a single tweet. Bitcoin reached its all-time peak at just over 33,000 euros on January 8, 2021. Since then it has suffered falls, although by no means as pronounced as when what was believed to be a bubble deflated, in December 2017. Until Elon Musk and his bio change has arrived.

After doing so, he tweeted that, "In hindsight, it was inevitable." It seems a bit cryptic message, but probably referring to the change in its bio as it is finally giving an "inevitable" support to Bitcoin, which may be the reason why the market has taken it so well. As at the time, PayPal's support was taken for cryptocurrencies, although in that case was more justified because PayPal was a giant player in online payments.

How to buy Bitcoins safely and without risk

Musk's relationship with Bitcoin goes far beyond the times he has spoken out about it publicly. His image is probably the most used in scams around cryptocurrencies, given the influence that malicious actors know that the CEO of Tesla has. Your new bio, more than stopping these scams, will enhance them.