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A bull of gold and diamonds for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Caviar customizes it for $ 20,000

The eccentricities of the Caviar brand have neither limit nor price: its latest modification changes the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra by dint of embed gold and diamonds on titanium; with the head of a golden ox as a claim to the questionable design.

Caviar is a company dedicated to customizing high-end devices to make them even more inaccessible. Mythical are his iPhone 11 Pro in gold and crocodile skin or the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip based on Joker and Harley Quinn, also finished with gold. That is why we are not surprised that Caviar already has its creations for the latest mobile 'top' of the Korean brand, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Of course, the eccentricity is even more exaggerated.

Galaxy S21 Ultra 'tuned' priced from $ 6,140 to $ 77,230

Ox Case

Accessing the Caviar catalog not only makes us feel poorer, it also makes us have a greater sense of taste (and less of ridicule); because the inlays with diamonds and gold plating do not stay on the phones while maintaining their standard design, no: Caviar gives its products such a particular aesthetic which are only suitable for Russian rich men and Arab sheiks. The price is also suitable only for them.

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If we look at the customizations of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra there is one that has caught our attention: the commemorative year of the ox. Given that in the Chinese horoscope next year is dedicated to the aforementioned herbivore in Caviar, they have thought: why not put the head of an ox on the back of a Galaxy S21? Said and done.

The customization keeps the Samsung front intact by applying the new design to the back cover. In black and made of titanium, said casing features a gold ox encrusted with diamonds for the eyes. In addition, the ox wears a ring, also made of gold, which serves to hold the telephone more securely; and that also allows you to support it on a table to view multimedia content comfortably. Unboxing of yachts and mansions for sale, which is what those who have a gold and titanium mobile phone as a phone should see.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra with the Golden Ox costs a whopping $ 20,140. It is part of a limited edition of 21 units

Designs like the Caviar ox are proof that you can always go further when it comes to personalizing any phone. Of course, surely there are not many who dare to wear a golden ox. Let's hope.

Via | GSM Arena