9 apps for a greener and more sustainable life

Your mobile device can also help you take care of the planet. We show you the best apps to be more respectful with the environment.

Mobile apps are designed to entertain, organize, care, and generally improve users' lives. Within the smartphone stores you can find tools of all kinds that will help you in any aspect you can imagine.

Calculate how many minutes of exercises will you do in the day, reminding you about that important appointment and even closing the blinds are just some of the activities you can do with programs of this type.

Among all the options offered by the developers of these systems, there are some that you cannot miss: green apps.

Take care of the environment with the best ecological and sustainability apps

Take care of the environment with the best ecological and sustainability apps

Be in harmony with the environment It is not something that can be discussed; it is necessary to do so. For this reason we invite you to read this article, as we will show you which are the best of them.

9 Apps for a greener and more sustainable life

It is no secret to anyone that we live in the era of globalization, and that absolutely all innovations are interconnected. So why not use all the technology to lessen the negative impact of humans on Earth in each of our activities? This is precisely the function of the following sustainability apps:

  • Mirubee
  • Plume labs
  • Green Tips
  • iRecycle
  • Unpack the city
  • Carbon footprint & CO2 tracker
  • Arbolapp
  • CleanSpace- Cleaner air
  • GoodGuide

Each of these apps have different goals, but they all contribute to a final mission: to improve the relationship between humans and the planet.

Since reduce water and electricity consumption Even knowing the guides that will guide you in recycling are just some of the results that the use of these applications will have.

The more people know how the best green apps, more people will be able to contribute to the better Earth in the coming years. You can be part of them if you choose to install any of these tools on your smartphone.

But, of course, you must first know how each of them works. Next we will give you all the details of these amazing and functional applications.


If the consumption of electrical energy has become a problem for your pocket and, therefore, for the planet, Mirubee It is the application that you must install on your mobile. Its simple operation is one of its main advantages, and we will show you what it is about.

Mirubee to measure electrical energy

Mirubee to measure electrical energy

This app is based on a energy meter installed in the central electrical panel of homes, from where it will extract the necessary information for the evaluation. This meter can be purchased separately and then synchronized with the application.

Once you have done so, the app will know what is the exact and real-time amount of household consumption. In addition, you can receive recommendations for increase the energy efficiency of your home and, therefore, reduce the cost of bills.

However, the most prominent advantage of Mirubee is the decrease in polluting agents for the planet thanks to the tips included in the application.

Green Tips

For take care of the environment it is not necessary to perform large actions; a few small ones will be enough to give a significant change to the planet.

Green Tips is one of the best apps for sustainability thanks to more than 150 practical tips you have in your database. All of them are focused on caring for the planet through various factors.

The most prominent of them have to do with improving the use of water, reducing waste as much as possible, recycling garbage in the family and industrial environment and also the decreased use of chemicals that affect the planet.

All this without leaving aside some tips to protect biodiversity and prevent pollution of natural spaces. Of course, all the advice from Green Tips are supported by a field association, and in this case it is the European Environment Agency.

Plume labs

If the pollution levels of a certain area are of concern to you, Plume labs It is the most suitable ecological app to avoid this being a problem.

The developers of this tool study the air quality of the site that is of interest to you in order to determine the pollution level.

And as if this were not enough, the application not only does the study at the exact time you make the query, but it can also determine how the air will be for the next 24 hours.

Plume Labs to decrease contamination levels

Plume Labs to decrease pollution levels

This without leaving aside a historical account that shows what were the contamination levels in the past months, which will help you get a better idea of ​​the air quality of a given place.

All these functions are possible thanks to the joint work of the scientists specialized in the atmospheric aspect with the data contributed by the satellites. In this way this tool can determine pollution levels in urban areas anywhere in the world.

By last, Plume labs It also shows some recommendations such as, for example, what is the best time of day to carry out a certain activity (running, walking in the park ...). Without a doubt, this application is extremely useful for avoid contact with high levels of contamination.


Recycling is one of the best ways to contribute to caring for the environment. iRecycle is an application that will allow you to know which are the closest points to separate trash and take it to a place where it will become another object after the certain process.

But this is not all; This app also offers various tips that can help you recycle indoors. The recycling methods are many and varied, so you can select any that the app shows you. Further, iRecycle will allow you to connect with other people who want join the world of recycling to share ideas.

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Unpack the city

With the passing of time it becomes more and more common observe points full of garbage on any street, and although the ideal is always to stop and pick them up, this opportunity does not always exist.

For the creators of Unpacking Every action is valuable, and recognizing and reporting spaces that are being littered is a good way to decrease them over time.

Unpacking to protect the environment

Desembasura is an app to mark points of garbage accumulation

To start using Unpacking You must download the application, activate geolocation and take your smartphone with you wherever you go. In case you see any residue that contributes to the pollution of the planet, you must mark it in the app.

And when we talk about waste we are not only referring to the small garbage that abound in the streets, but you can also mark any type of illegal dumping that you have discovered.

The ultimate goal of the tool is, then, to form a large world dirty dot map. Having this information not only creates a awareness to avoid adding other spaces full of garbage, but also looking promote solutions to zones that are already part of the map.

Carbon footprint & CO2 tracker

The carbon footprint is another of the most frequent polluting factors in recent times. It is an indicator that reflects the greenhouse gas levels produced by both individuals and large companies.

Although there are many other ways to measure these levels, the application Carbon footprint & CO2 tracker it is specially designed to fulfill this function. Its main objective is to help the user to know what their exact carbon footprint is.

Regarding this, you should know that users are not only individuals, as this tool can also be used by large companies and the results will be exact.

To further benefit you, Carbon footprint & CO2 tracker also offers extremely simple tips that can go a long way toward helping you decrease carbon footprint.

The solutions are very varied, but of them we can highlight some as tips for save energy, as many for increase sustainability and even tips to avoid the use of public transport or own car.

This will undoubtedly influence the decrease in carbon footprint. You should also know that Carbon footprint & CO2 tracker it is available for Android and iOS.


Created in Spain, this application not only helps with the environmental care through awareness, but it has a specific function that you cannot miss: teach about trees.

This tool is, then, one of the best aids both for professionals in the area and for those who want to learn just as a hobby.

The database of this application archives more than 143 species, 500 images, just over 90 terms and more than 350 illustrations so that you can better understand all the information about the tree in question.

In this sense, this application has been developed so that it can be understood by all thanks to its simple language, without neglecting, of course, the scientific nature of all the data.

CleanSpace- Cleaner air

As with Carbon Tracker, CleanSpace- Cleaner air is another of the ecological apps that is responsible for measure the level of the carbon footprint of the users.

To be more exact, this tool measures the amount of carbon dioxide that you spend when you move from one place to another in your private car.

It does this thanks to a GPS, at the same time that it offers you the best alternatives to do the same route but by public transport with the help of Google maps.


The organic food It also contributes to the sustainability of the planet, and to implement it you must purchase the food that is consistent with this intention.

GoodGuide is, as its name implies, a guide that can help you get the location of more than 170,000 products with ecological characteristics.

GoodGuide for an organic diet

GoodGuide, organic food guide

Also, the selection of this app is based on affordable food and with excellent properties for consumption. This without leaving aside that many of them are biodegradable and have a minimal impact on the planet.

Now that you know all these applications, we invite you to choose the one you like the most. As you will see, each of them can help you in many aspects, all this while fulfilling an even greater function: take care of the planetAfter installing them you will be part of all the people who want make the world a better place to live.