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63 phones with Android 11 ROMs already available

All Android 11 ROMs already available today. So you can install the new version on your device.

You don't need to have a Pixel to be able to enjoy Android 11, the latest version of the operating system. Thanks to the Third party ROMs, it is already possible to install Android 11 on a large number of terminals.

And there are many chefs ROMs that, since the launch of Android 11, got down to work to adapt some of the most popular ROMs to devices of all kinds. In this way, it is already possible install Android 11 on mobiles beyond the Pixel, including some with several years behind them.

Android 11 on a Pixel

Android 11, the latest version of Google's operating system.

How to have Android 11 on any mobile, without the need for an official update

First of all, it must be taken into account that install a ROM it has its risks. To begin with, as it is not official software, it is possible that malfunctions or malfunctions appear that will not be solved until the arrival of future versions of the software, or that sections such as the camera may not work as well as they would with official software.

Apart from that, it is convenient to remember that, in order to carry out the installation of third-party ROMs, you will need to meet a series of requirements such as having a modified recovery installed, having the bootloader unlocked or having access to a computer with the ADB drivers installed. In any case, these requirements may vary depending on the ROM you want to install.


ASUS is one of the firms that has not yet released its upgrade plans to Android 11. But thanks to third-party developers, it is now possible to enjoy Android 11 on one of its models.


Just because Essential closed its doors forever doesn't mean the Essential Phone is dead. A group of developers continues to unofficially maintain the only mobile created by the company founded by one of the parents of Android, and it is possible enjoy Android 11 on the Essential Phone.


The original Pixel and Pixel XL, launched in 2016, are the only mobiles of the brand that do not have an official update to Android 11. What do exist are Android 11 ROMs with which to install the new version of the software on said terminals.

In addition, the historic Nexus 5 It also has a version of Android 11 optimized through a third-party ROM, in the same way as other terminals in the Nexus series.

Android 11, news

Android 11 is available for Pixel mobiles.


Their mobiles may not be among the most popular - at least in the West - but there is a fairly active community behind Lenovo mobiles. So much so, that it is possible to download Android 11 ROMs in two of its most recent models.


Another brand that has not yet revealed its plans regarding the update to Android 11 is Motorola. But if you are the lucky owner of one of the following Moto terminals, you can now try the new features of Android 11 on your mobile:


Nokia's phones are not left out either, although the Finnish is one of the few brands that have confirmed when Android 11 will arrive on their phones.


The most recent terminals of OnePlus should be among the first to receive Android 11. But it is likely that the new aesthetics of OxygenOS 11 will not appeal to everyone. Therefore, a good alternative may be to resort to one of the many 3rd party ROMs that are already available for the company's terminals.

Real me

The fastest growing brand in recent years has, in turn, a community in constant growth. Currently, it is already possible to find Android 11 ROMs for some of the most popular realme terminals.


Not the brand anymore ROM-friendly today, in part due to the use of proprietary processors that complicate the work of developers. However, some Samsung mobiles already have Android 11 ROMs available.


At present, Sony It is the second brand with the largest number of devices with available Android 11 ROMs, something that says a lot about the state of its community of users and developers, despite the fact that the brand's terminal sales are at a minimum.


We finish with the firm that, today, has the largest number of devices with Android 11 ROMs available. And there are several dozen Xiaomi mobiles in which the latest version of Android can already be installed.