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5 tips to know whether or not you need a mobile with a lot of memory

Is it really necessary to have that many GB on a smartphone?

When choosing a new mobile we always look at the same thing: the design, the processor, the quality of the camera and even its autonomy. However there is another section that although it is really necessary on a smartphone, many times we do not give it enough importance.

We are talking about the amount of GB of storage that a mobile phone can have and it is that with increasingly heavy applications, 4K videos and with Google Photos for payment, having a smartphone with good storage becomes essential in 2021.

Now, are you one of those who need a smartphone with 256 GB of storage or, on the contrary, can you survive with much less? Let's find out.

Do you need a mobile with a lot of storage memory?


Android smartphones have more and more storage memory

Gone are the times when one had to settle for a device with just 8 GB of memory. The famous message of "Not enough space on your smartphone, please free up storage" was the order of the day and many of us were the ones who had to buy microSD cards to be able to save our photos and videos of low quality.

Luckily then the cloud arrived that would free us from the juggling of clearing cache and uninstalling apps that we did not use and later the miracle would come, mobile devices of 32 GB or more.

But let's face it, every day we use the smartphone more to take high resolution photos and videos and we need more and more storage. Or at least that's what most users think. Do you really need that much storage on a smartphone? Only if you meet all these requirements:

  • You record a lot of videos in 4K
  • You don't use the cloud and you store everything in the internal memory of your mobile device
  • You have a large library of movies or series in the memory of your smartphone, either so you don't get bored on a long trip or so your young child doesn't get bored
  • You use your smartphone to play and you have dozens of games installed
  • You download all the documents and files on your smartphone, as a backup copy just in case
Micro SD

The microSDs were one of the basic accessories to expand the mobile storage

If you have answered most of all these questions with a no, then you do not need a smartphone with many GB. For this type of user 128 GB (and even 64 GB) is sufficient. If not, we have tools like Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox to get extra storage.

If, on the other hand, you have your device bursting with applications, photos and videos in 4K, it is better that you opt for models with many GB of storage. Unfortunately the price of these devices is usually quite expensive and is that unlike the storage in devices such as computers, the GB in smartphones is paid at a price of gold.