5 tips from the experts to protect your Android mobile

Follow these tips if you want to have your mobile always safe and protected.

A smartphone is much more than a device with which to send and receive calls. It is a terminal that not only accompanies us during the 24 hours of the day, but also where we keep and store practically all our personal information.

Photographs, contacts, passwords, bank accounts, credit cards ... there is no small amount of sensitive information located on our smartphone, hence we cannot take the use of the device lightly ** and must adopt all the appropriate security measures ** to that no one other than ourselves can access it.

antivirus android phone

Smartphone security is a very common concern.

So if you want to have a really safe smartphone, better listen to the Internet Security Office and follow all the advice they offer us.

1. Protect access to your device

Like when you leave the house or the car you lock so that nobody can enter, the same with your smartphone.

The first thing we have to do to protect our mobile device is to have a good password or pattern. Fortunately the latest smartphones have more modern security measures as fingerprint detectors or facial recognition.

Do not forget to activate this essential security measure in the settings of your mobile device.

2. Have your smartphone always updated

System update on Samsung Galaxy S10

Keep your phone updated, your Internet security will appreciate it

To have a secure smartphone we must always keep it updated. As technology advances by leaps and bounds, so do malware, hackers, and other harmful elements.

So that these all these "new" dangers do not affect us, we must have devices that are constantly updated Hence, we always recommend brands that take user safety very seriously, such as Google Apple, Samsung or OnePlus.

3. Download applications from safe and / or official sites

2019 will be the year of malware according to the latest report from the well-known antivirus McAfee

Android malware is more and more prevalent

One of the easiest ways to circumvent the security of our smartphone is installing apps from strange sites or from little-known developers.

We have always warned of the need to download any application from official sites such as the Android Play Store or the iOS App Store to avoid unpleasant surprises. Likewise, always check the permissions that these apps require and even so, always avoid installing suspicious applications or that use the name of other more popular ones such as WhatsApp.

4. Enable two-step authentication

Sometimes having a good password is not enough to protect our device but rather you have to add some extra security.

That "something" is called two-step authentication., also known as double factor, which is a system that adds an additional layer of security when logging in with your accounts on different Internet services, usually a multi-digit code that is sent to SMS or email.

What is two-factor authentication and why you should start using it

Double authentication is not something unique to operating systems like Android, but more and more platforms are adapting it. This is the case of WhatsApp, Twitter and other popular social networks. Our advice? That you activate it in the more places the better.

5. Make frequent backups

Backups on Android

Back up your Android frequently

Why is it important to backup your smartphone frequently? Do you really have to explain it?

As we have said before in our mobile device we usually save a lot of information of all kinds and losing her could be a disaster. It may also be that we want to change mobile or worse still, that it is stolen or stolen.

Well thanks to the backup copies stored in our cloud, we can retrieve all our information easily and quickly As if nothing had happened.

While we can use any cloud service for this, Android normally uses Google Drive by default and iOS iCloud Drive.

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