5 Signal settings to further increase your security

Signal could be the safest alternative to WhatsApp. Discover 5 privacy settings that it brings to you!

Do you know what Signal is? An application of instant messaging which is increasing in popularity thanks to its high level of security and that has become one of the main alternatives to WhatsApp and Telegram.

Next, we will explain everything you need to know about this application and we will tell you some small but very useful Signal settings that you will help further increase your security.

5 Signal settings to further increase your security

5 Signal settings to further increase your security

What is Signal and why is it so safe?

Signal is an application of instant messaging very similar to WhatsApp or Telegram, being one of the main options for those users who want to use a different communication channel to these.

What is Signal and why is it so safe?

Signal's security and privacy makes it a good alternative to WhatsApp

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The really attractive of Signal is his level of security and privacy, which makes messages or calls almost interceptable. To do this, use a end-to-end encryption protocol called Open Whispers Systems.

Now how does it work? All communications within the application are sent fully encrypted and they are only decrypted once they reach the receiver and it reads them. In this way, it is impossible to intercept the message and know its content when it is in transit.

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Also, being a open source platform, has a totally transparent operation, allowing any developer to take a look at their code and detect any flaw or vulnerability.

How does Signal work?

He Signal operation It is very simple, since it is very similar to others of its kind, such as WhatsApp or Telegram. When starting it for the first time, you should accept their terms, grant permission to your contacts and notifications.

Then, add your personal data such as a phone number, profile photo and a user (similar to Telegram, you don't need to share your phone number to get added) and little else.

Neither Telegram nor WhatsApp: this is the most secure messaging app that exists

Once these steps are completed, you can start chat with your contacts from the app. It should be noted that the app allows you to share audios, photos, videos, GIFs, files, contacts, your location, and even voice and video calls. If you want something more of privacy at Signal, can blur your face in the photos you send.

5 Signal settings to increase your privacy

As we mentioned previously, Signal it is a very safe app and focused on privacy. For this reason, you have different options and settings that will help you safeguard your information an effective form. Here are some of the most important:

Protect your account

it's possible protect your account to prevent someone from accessing it from another device, even from your SIM. So even if you install Signal on another device, they won't be able to use your account.

Protect your account to increase Signal privacy

Go to "Settings

To do this, you only have to enter privacy settings and enable Signal PIN. Periodically, the application itself will ask you for this code to verify your access and it is easier for you to memorize it.

Screen lock

Signal has a functionality that allows lock screen in such a way that no one can access your conversations within the application if they do not have the lock code or through the biometric system of your mobile.

It happens many times that we leave the mobile forgotten in a place and someone tries to access our information without permission. To avoid it, go to "Settings> Privacy> Screen lock" to activate it. You can even determine a inactivity time so that lock automatically or simply when you turn off the screen of your device.

Block screenshots

If you want to prevent the other person from doing any screenshot of conversation what are they having, Signal has a very useful functionality for these cases, since it allows block this action.

Block screenshots in signal

Prevent your friends or Signal colleagues from capturing private conversations with this security setting

To activate it, simply go to "Settings> Privacy> Access the application and activate Screen security". In this way, they will not be able to do screenshots to your conversations.

Lock your keyboard registration

Most keyboards today tend to gather information of what we write to create usage patterns and thus improve the prediction of texts and facilitate writing.

While it can be very useful, all this information is stored on servers and in the end it is private data that can be used later. Fortunately, Signal helps you keep all of this private by allowing lock keyboard registration.

If you want to activate this function, you just have to go to "Settings> Privacy> Incognito keyboard and activate this last function". In this way, you will prevent your keyboard from collecting information about what you type.

Redirect your calls

When you make a call through Signal, a connection is generated between your device and that of the other person. During this process, you may be able to reveal your IP and with it it is possible get your location.

If you want to prevent this from happening, you can activate the call redirection function, in this way, when you are on a call, the IP adress that will be displayed will be Signal and not yours, as it is sent directly to the platform's servers. A very useful way to keep your privacy.

Redirect your calls in signal

With this Signal setting you can avoid revealing your IP and location to other people

You can do this by accessing "Settings> Privacy> Communication> Always redirect calls and check this box".

As you will see, Signal is an instant messaging application that offers a high level of security, without forgetting that its platform is very complete when it comes to maintaining your privacy. In addition, it allows you to make small adjustments to make it even more closed.

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Let us know your opinion about this app and if you would use it as a frequent communication channel instead of WhatsApp or another that you use. If you liked this article, then be sure to check out Telegram and its developer options.