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5 browsers you can replace Google Chrome with this 2021

If you are tired of Google Chrome occupying all the memory of your mobile, turn to these ideal Android browsers to replace Google's.

Google Chrome is the Most popular Android browser for years thanks to its easy handling and the great functions that Google has developed for it, among other aspects.

However, you may not like using this browser, either because it does not suit your needs, because consumes a lot of RAM memory of the terminal, because you prefer to escape the Google world ...

Whatever the reason, you don't have to keep using Chrome if you do not like it. Fortunately, there are dozens of good browsers for Android that also have a lot to offer you.

Browsers to replace Google Chrome

These are the ideal browsers to replace Google Chrome.

Next, we recommend 5 browsers you can replace Google Chrome with on your Android mobile or tablet. Ready to discover your next browser?

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge for Android

Microsoft Edge has grown tremendously in recent months

Google has found a tough competitor in Microsoft and its browser Microsoft Edge, a very complete tool which is attracting more and more Android users.

Focused on privacy, this browser automatically blocks site trackers which you do not access directly. Also, you can browse in private mode whenever you want and block unwanted ads.

With a very careful aesthetic that includes dark mode, Microsoft Edge is undoubtedly one of the best alternatives to Google Chrome right now. Also, you can keep using Chrome extensions No problem.

Opera Mini

More than 500 million downloads accumulate in the Play Store Opera Mini, another great browser for Android with which you won't miss google chrome, especially if you don't like the large amount of RAM that it consumes.

As the term "Mini" indicates, this browser has a reduced size so you can also install it on terminals with more limited resources.

In addition, it has functions aimed at navigate quickly even with the slowest networks. With the Smart Browsing option you can also choose the browsing mode to save data and increase browsing speed.

If you are looking for a fast and light browser without giving up functions such as personalization, ad blocking, private browsing or night mode, Opera Mini is knocking on your door.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox bets on privacy and high browsing speed

Few presentations we have to do at this point of Mozilla Firefox, one of the most popular browsers for computers and mobile devices. The Android version gives maximum importance to these three aspects: speed, privacy and security.

In this way, Mozilla Firefox has specific functions to automatically block online trackers and to browse privately without leaving the information in the history.

In this alternative to Google Chrome there is no lack of bookmarks and saving passwords, dark theme, personalized search and a completely updated design that facilitates faster navigation. In short, Mozilla Firefox is a very complete browser to replace Chrome.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser browser

According to a study by the University of Dublin, Brave Browser is the most secure browser

If you think that Google Chrome does not offer you security you need when surfing the net, it's time for you to discover Brave Browser, one of the safest browsers for Android.

Behind this consideration is an application that automatically blocks trackers, pop-ups and any malware that wants to infect your terminal. In addition, you can safely sync your bookmarks, use private tabs, and save data and battery by reducing page loading time.

Go ahead and try ad- and track-free browsing with Brave browser, a free browser for your Android.

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

DuckDuck Go for Android

DuckDuckGo is committed to a private and simplified browsing experience

Another good browser to replace Google Chrome is DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser, which we already analyzed some time ago to see if it was superior to the Google app. It was in this analysis that we learned that DuckDuckGo prioritizes the preservation of user privacy above all else.

It does blocking access to private information at all times of the user, even if he does not browse in incognito mode, and giving him tools to control what data he shares with the websites he visits.

As a detail to highlight, DuckDuckGo has a rating system of a web page to warn you of its degree of privacy, which can range from A -the safest- to F -the most dangerous-.