4 objective reasons not to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21

Is it worth buying a Samsung Galaxy S21?

The Samsung Galaxy S21 are the new devices that the South Korean firm has presented this 2021. Both the S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra come with the intention of being the benchmarks in the high-end and of course, continue the success that its predecessors have enjoyed throughout 2020.

However, Is it worth buying the new Galaxy S21 and derivatives? Many are those who think that the change compared to the S20 is not so great and that it is even much more profitable to buy a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE than the new S21. Reasons are not lacking by the way.

1. Less RAM

Apps on a Samsung Galaxy S21

Is a Samsung Galaxy S21 worth it?

Both the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the Samsung Galaxy S21 + have 8 GB of RAM. It is not that it is a small amount, obviously these devices can with any app or game that we install them, but the S20 + already had the figure of 12 GB of RAM.

Beyond the fact that 12 GB of RAM seemed crazy to us, we sincerely believe that the new version of a smartphone should not only exceed, but at least match the specs of its predecessors.

2. Same photographic section

S21 Ultra camera

If you want the best photographic section, opt for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

When you renew a smartphone, you expect its specifications to be superior to the phone in your hand. Well, if you thought that the Samsung Galaxy S21 was going to take better pictures than the previous model ... well, it's not like that.

The new South Korean model has the same photographic section as its predecessor. Neither better nor worse. That is, if we buy an S21 we are buying a mobile with a camera from the beginning of 2020 and that can be surpassed by the new models of Huawei, Sony and even OnePlus.

In the event that we really want a current camera and that makes a difference, we must opt ​​for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra It costs nothing more and nothing less than 1,300 euros.

3. The absence of charger

First Apple announced that its new devices would not have a charger. Then Samsung joined this trend. Is it reason enough that a phone does not have a charger not to buy it? The truth is that no, but since we pay so much for a high-end phone ...

If we want to charge the Samsung Galaxy S21 we will have to use a charger from an old mobile that we have stored there. That is not the worst since surely most of us have hundreds of chargers at home but if we want to take full advantage of the fast charging of the device, we will have to get a charger compatible with it.

4. The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is still too good

Galaxy S20 FE, cover image

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is still a highly recommended option

Another reason why it is not worth buying a Samsung Galaxy S21 is because the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is too good a phone even to this day.

Not only does it have the same camera as the S21 and quite similar performance, but because it is also much cheaper and is that currently it can be found for 600 euros and even less.

So if you want a good high-end phone and you don't have a budget, We recommend the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra as the best Samsung terminal of 2021. In case the budget does not reach you, the Galaxy S20 FE has an unbeatable value for money.

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