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4 good alternatives to the one that is coming that you can see on Amazon Prime Video

If you are a follower of La que se avecina, here are some alternatives on Amazon Prime Video that you might like.

The one that looms It was a Spanish series created by the brothers Alberto Caballero and Laura Caballero. The series follows the lives of the tenants of the property Montepinar viewpoint in which we see the surreal problems that occur to the protagonists of the series and the relationships between them that are full of black humor.

The series addresses real problems in Spain with respect to housing, the real estate bubble and the little access that young people have to housing. The series featured 12 seasons and are currently available at the Amazon Prime Video catalog in Spain, but if you want to enjoy similar alternatives, here is a list that could be to your liking.

the one that is coming

There is no one living here

This series was also created by the Caballero brothers and tells the stories of a couple who arrive at the building Disappointment 21 and that then they will meet some very peculiar neighbors and stories that do not skimp on humor due to the adventures they will have during the series.

  • Year 2003.
  • Seasons: 5.
  • Episodes: 90.
  • Approximate duration: 90 minutes.

Paco's men

The series follows the lives of the family of Paco Miranda, while Paco is transferred to a police station where his father-in-law is the commissioner, and where with his two friends he will have to solve the cases in the most surreal way possible, showing that they are not as competent as policemen.

  • Year 2005.
  • Seasons: 9.
  • Episodes: 117.
  • Approximate duration: 80 minutes.


This series follows the lives of the crew of the Polar Star that after the particle accelerator was started a storm appears at night and later they realize that the earth as they knew it has disappeared and now 99% of the surface is pure water, for which coexistence between them will be key to their survival on the ship.

  • Year 2011.
  • Seasons: 3.
  • Episodes: 43.
  • Approximate duration: 75 minutes.

The intership

In this series we find the stories of two brothers who lose their parents on the high seas and are admitted to boarding school Black lagoon under the tutelage of its director. However, strange things and macabre deaths begin to happen at the boarding school that will make the older brother begin to investigate what is happening together with his classmates.

  • Year 2007.
  • Seasons: 7.
  • Episodes: 71.
  • Approximate duration: 90 minutes.
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