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Zoom becomes an app to send and receive SMS, although only for paid users

It seems that Zoom is in the phase of complete renovations, pulling down walls of his living room and remaking everything inside to be able to continue to grow beyond its current limits. Just yesterday we knew that the company was already creating an email service to launch in 2021, and also a calendar app.

With these changes, Zoom would like to turn its video calling service into a complement to a more complete suite of apps, and it seems that the first step has arrived directly in its main app. At least that is clear from the string of improvements incorporated in the last update, enhancements including SMS management.

Zoom, a messaging app for your paid users


Zoom has updated its video calling app, an app that receives many improvements just days before the end of this catastrophic 2020 and in which we find many small bug fixes and different performance improvements. Support is added for Apple's M1 processors on desktop, for example, and the integration of contacts in the cloud is improved.

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Polls are also activated during video calls while reactions are improved, as well as features such as raising your hand to intervene during calls. But the most important improvement is the one that makes Zoom virtually a messaging management app for mobile phones. An app to be able to send and receive SMS, as we do with manufacturers' proprietary apps or with Google Messages.

Zoom paid users can now send and receive SMS on their mobile with the app

This functionality, however, arrives associated only with paying users of the platform. Zoom account in the text accompanying your update that "Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS users with Zoom Phone Pro licenses can use their assigned direct phone numbers to send or receive text messages (SMS and MMS) . "

So, suddenly Zoom has become a messaging management app without warning, laying the foundation for even greater expansion in 2021. We will see what Zoom has become with the changes introduced and the future, perhaps we find a company capable of standing up to heavyweights like Microsoft or Google, who knows.

Via | XDA Developers