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Zombie War ', a mobile strategy game with multiplayer combat and in-app purchases

It is not usual for mobile games to grow at such a speed that their relevance places them in the foreground after a few months of life unless, logically, they come from a great developer. But in the case of 'Dead Empire: Zombie War ' It is something that has been happening since their arrival and, as we have said, it is really atypical.

'Dead Empire: Zombie War' is developed by tap4fun, some old acquaintances from the mobile world with titles like 'Age of Apes' or 'Brutal Age: Horde Invasion'. All of them with similar mechanics but different themes, and in the latter we will face the undead in a game that was published in the middle of last June 2020 and that today is already in the top positions in revenue of the different digital stores.

Grow your city and fight the hordes of zombies

'Dead Empire: Zombie War' is a game with a mechanic that we have seen repeated a hundred times. First of all, we have to build our city or the first buildings of our future empire. And once we build the network in which our inhabitants and soldiers will live, we will place troops to defend our leadership, although We will also have to carry out missions of varying depth, as rescue missions, to gain experience and achieve more attack potential to continue.

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Completing the various missions assigned to us will help us gain experience as well as a variety of buildings and troops. And of course, we will earn coins for the game because everything in 'Dead Empire: Zombie War' is based on coins. And when we do not generate enough coins during the game, the game always provides us with the store in which to convert our real money into currency for 'Zombie War'. Because yes, there are in-app purchases here, although in principle they will not be necessary to move forward.

In-app purchases to grow and evolve faster and thus end the hordes of zombies that threaten the planet

Over time during the game we will be able to make our city grow in extension and variety of buildings, but also we can make these evolve and become specialized facilities, or that they become more efficient. A classic strategy game brought to mobile and that we will play in vertical format on the screen of our smartphone.

As is usual in this type of title, 'Dead Empire: Zombie War' has a strong social component to invite our friends to join the battle, while we can connect with them and compete for achievements. 'Dead Empire: Zombie War' is a free game at the time of installation but, as we have mentioned before, it has optional purchases inside.

Dead Empire: Zombie War

Dead Empire: Zombie War

  • Price: Free (purchases inside)
  • Developer: tap4fun
  • Download it at: Google play