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YouTube, Maps, Gmail and all Google services are down and not working

The search engine has also crashed but right now it works.

At the time of this writing, Google services are down on both the free plans and G Suite. That is Gmail, Calendar, Meet, YouTube, Stadia, Contacts, Maps cannot be accessed nor to the rest of the company's applications or websites. As they tell us via Twitter, on YouTube, for example, the problem is opening the web with the authentication done. If we open in incognito mode or in private browsing, YouTube works and the videos load up to 5K without problems.

From Mountain View at the moment they have not given more explanations about the fall, but in Downdetector we can see that it is a worldwide problem that especially affects Europe.


That Google and all its services go down is not common (as if it has been lately that Facebook services like the social network itself, Instragram or WhatsApp go down), and at this time it is especially inopportune, given the rise of teleworking and the dependence on the search engine itself, Drive and Meet in environments where teams are working remotely.

The Gmail web indicates problems, but the service status web does not

When trying to access the Gmail website, Google tells us that there is a "temporary error" and explains that "we are sorry, but your account is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience; we advise you to try again in a few minutes" .

Google Services

Paradoxically, they add that in G Suite Status Dashboard we can check the status of the services, but everything appears as "No problems", as we see in the image above.

A problem that goes far beyond Google itself

The fact that Google services go down, given the way that other applications depend on APIs such as Google Maps, causes many other services to stop working. Thus, for example, platforms such as Glovo, Uber, or Pokémon Go have suffered or may suffer problems in this regard. In Glovo, for example, the GPS does not work, so it is not possible to track the order or locate our street to tell a restorer where to send the order.

On the contrary, those games and services that use APIs such as Apple's or OpenStreetMap will not be affected by this issue.