You can now test messages with an expiration date in WhatsApp, which arrive for all users

If a while ago we talked about Telegram and the messages that are announced by Siri, now we talk about WhatsApp, the application par excellence in messaging in relation to the latest news that has come to iOS and Android: self-destructing messages or temporary messages.

Until now, temporary messages, messages that self-destruct, were only available to a closed group of users, those who were testing the beta version. Now they come for all those who have a WhatsApp account and here we are going to show you how they work.

They arrive for all temporary messages


The operation of this option does not hide secrets: it is about having the ability to power send messages that will automatically disappear in a week, a time after which the message faded from the conversation without leaving any trace.

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An option that is disabled by default and that you can activate in any conversation you have open or that you open in WhatsApp or in a WhatsApp group if we are administrators. To activate them, you just have to enter the conversation where you want to use them and click on the name of the other person, at the top of the screen, to access the options of this chat.

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Once you have entered the options, you just have to click on the option "Temporary messages" and activate them. Regarding the term, you cannot do anything and the time set for them to disappear will always be seven days. If we enter a conversation and the option is active, the other person has previously activated it.

Keep in mind that this improvement it only applies to the messages we send since said activation. Those that we have already sent will continue to be perennial in our conversation. Also remember that if we make a backup copy of WhatsApp, the temporary messages will be saved, like all the multimedia content, which will remain on our phone even if we have deleted the message.