a quarter late for everyone

You can now have the official wallpapers of the new Samsung Galaxy S21

Personalize your mobile as if it were a Galaxy S21 with the original wallpapers of the new Samsung phones.

They are not yet among us officially, but the Samsung Galaxy S21 have been leaked on so many occasions, that there is hardly anything left to know about the new trio of terminals that Samsung plans to present in mid-January.

And for those who do not want to wait to have the new terminals in their hands, the youtuber behind the Jimmy is Promo channel, has decided to share with the world the official wallpapers that will be included in the Galaxy S21, so that anyone can download and use them on their mobile, tablet, or any other device with a screen.

Customize your mobile like a Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 Wallpapers

The wallpapers of the Samsung Galaxy S21.


He pack in question includes a total of 16 wallpapers, of which some of them they are animated. Also included are some intended to be used when the devices are in "DeX" mode, so they will be perfect as wallpaper on your tablet or PC.

All of them can be downloaded so free through the link to the MediaFire folder that we link under these lines.