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You can now have Baby Yoda in your home with Google's augmented reality

We have already spoken on several occasions about how Google has implemented augmented reality on mobile through its own search engine. The Mountain View team has been offering three-dimensional models for a long time that not only can be consulted directly from searches, but can also be taken to our house using the camera and the screen of our mobile phone and from there take pictures or record videos .

The last thing that had arrived was a repertoire of Australian animals but the latest addition has to do with the Star Wars universe. The highly prized Baby Yoda, also known as The Child In the Mandalorian series, it can now be searched from Google and we can play with its 3D model with the mobile.

Latest chapter of The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda on mobile

Baby yoda

For those who do not know yet, although the Disney machinery has been in charge of communicating it to the four winds and in all directions, The Mandalorian is a series that falls within the Star Wars universe, of what is known as the Expanded Universe. That is to say, content that leaves, as it were, the series of films in the saga, putting into them the nonalogy of the Skywalkers, Rogue One and Solo.

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The series follows the adventures of Mando, the Mandalorian, and of 'the kid ', as he calls it, or The Child for the Anglo-Saxon world. Although it did not take long to be baptized as Baby Yoda by the general public and this is how Disney is marketing a good part of its products. Now, with Christmas already bursting the boilers and with the premiere of the latest chapter of The Mandalorian worldwide, Google brings Baby Yoda to our mobile phones.

To have Baby Yoda on your mobile, just follow the same procedure as with previous 3D models with augmented reality: search for "Baby Yoda" in Google (also activated with 'The Child' or 'Grogu') and ask the browser that we want to examine it in three dimensions. It will only be enough to tell him that we want to see him in the real environment and voila, find a space with our mobile phone at home.

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