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you can now download Petal Maps

Huawei's Petal Maps application has reached the brand's app store: it is excellent news for those looking for an alternative to Google Maps, especially on those mobiles that lack Google services. Petal Maps can be downloaded directly from AppGallery.

Huawei is gradually covering the empty space left by the veto of Google applications and services. With their HMS, Huawei owners have a software framework with which to share services, apps and functions. Huawei also has its store, AppGallery; as well as alternatives to key Google applications such as Petal Search and Petal Maps. Precisely, the maps app is almost ready to be the definitive alternative: it has finally arrived at AppGallery.

Download Petal Maps from the AppGallery

Petal Maps Appgallery

Until now, Huawei's map application was accessible on very few phones and only as a beta. This state is maintained since, for now, Petal Maps is still in testing, but it is now accessible to many more users as it can be downloaded from Huawei's AppGallery app store. In principle it should be available for most Huawei phones, we have been able to download it even with a Huawei P30 Lite.

Petal Maps vs Google Maps: what has and what is missing from Huawei's maps application

Petal Maps hasn't evolved excessively since we last tested it. Still a much more basic alternative to Google Maps Since Huawei is limited, for the moment, to offering support for maps, location, it has points of interest (places and businesses indicated), it also offers GPS-guided navigation. It is not the most complete since Here Maps is at a higher level (it is also in AppGallery), but there is no doubt that Huawei is getting closer to filling the gap left by Google Maps on its phones.

Google Maps Huawei

You can download Petal Maps from the AppGallery by clicking on this link to the store. The app works on most Huawei with EMUI 10 and EMUI 11, although it may still appear as unavailable on your mobile.

Via | Huawei Central