You can create your own opera with the latest Google Arts & Culture experiment

The Google art application includes digitized collections from many museums around the world, as well as collecting interactive experiences, such as filters, the wonders of Spain or the transfer of style for your photos. The latest interactive experience is more musical: an operas generator.

Creating an opera is now easier than ever, without the need for any musical knowledge. All you need is the Google Arts & Culture application (or its website) and stretch out the four fluffy tenors to control your result.

Create an opera in seconds


Google, in collaboration with David Li and professional opera singers has created a new interactive experience for Google Arts & Culture with which you can create an opera without having any idea of ​​the matter. All you need is stretch the blobs, sliding them up and to the sides, to change the note they sing.

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There are in total four spongy characters, a tenor, a bass, a mezzo-soprano and a soprano. Stretching them up you'll change the tone, while sliding them forward or backward will change the vowel they sing.


As you squeeze the characters, you can hear the result in real time, which, how could it be otherwise, is sprinkled with the magic of the machine learning from Google so the other dolls harmonize With whatever you're making sing the one you're squeezing with.

Best of all, you can record your composition to share them with other people so that they can enjoy -or not- the opera you have created. For example, in this link you will find the one that I created.

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