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Yes, no, yes, no ... Samsung could launch the Galaxy Note21 after all

Samsung has already confirmed that the S-Pen will be compatible with other Galaxy phones, but it does not seem that all is lost to see a new Galaxy Note in 2021!

We have already experienced several turns of script with the new Samsung Galaxy Note and its possible fall of portfolio from Samsung in 2021, because although Samsung itself confirmed that indeed the S-Pen will be compatible with other Galaxy mobiles, laying the foundations for there is no longer any differentiation with the Galaxy NoteIt is also true that we have read and heard rumors both ways.

Will there be Galaxy Note21? Will there be no Galaxy Note21? The doubt is in the air and as it is recurring year after year, the truth is that no one had taken it too seriously, because the most veteran already know that Samsung has never had problems in expanding an already quite prolific catalog of devices and also, abandoning one of its most iconic ranges would not make much sense being really sincere.

In any case, and after much talk and talk, it seems that in the end there will be a new Samsung Galaxy Note in 2021 if we look at the information published by SamMobile and other specialized media, which now state that the Galaxy Note family will live on despite the fact that the S-Pen can be used in other models.

Samsung's roll-up mobile, in its first recreation

What if in the end, a new Samsung Galaxy Note does arrive in 2021?

The future is certainly uncertain for a Galaxy Note family that, in this situation, would lose its great differentiating element

It is confirmed by sources in South Korea, the birthplace of Samsung, where it also there had been a lot of speculation about that universal compatibility of the S-Pen that would make a range lose meaning 'Note' specific, until Samsung has put an end to the rumors stating that it has no plans in the short term to discontinue the Galaxy Note family, which ultimately is your annual spearhead on the Android platform at least in terms of possibilities.

Yonhap News has reported on behalf of an anonymous Samsung worker, who confirmed to them that "They are already preparing the next Galaxy Note series for 2021", although the entire industry had thought otherwise after the statements by TM Roh, director of Samsung's mobile business, who had hinted in previous statements that the company would take your S-Pen to the Galaxy S21 Ultra at the beginning of the next course.

Thus, and without knowing the roadmap In the longer term of Samsung, it is now difficult to make assessments to know if the Galaxy Note range will make sense with Galaxy S already compatible stylus, but what we do know is that by 2021 there will be Galaxy Note although it could be the last ... Or it could bring us news and arrive in an absolutely spectacular roll-up format!