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Yes, in 2020 mobile phones have also risen in price

Has the price of smartphones peaked? No, not yet.

When we thought that the price of smartphones had peaked, the harsh reality comes and slaps us.

It is clear that having the best hardware on the market has a cost, and this as a general rule exceeds 1,000 euros as is the case with most of today's high-end smartphones.

So effectively, Oddly enough, the prices of smartphones rose in 2020 compared to the previous year. And before you wonder, not only did the price of the top of the range go up but also the rest of the cheaper ranges.

In 2020, phones were even more expensive

S20 FE

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is one of the most economical high-end terminals on the market

Some time ago we thought that as a consequence of the success of “cheap high-end / mid-range” phones like the Google Pixel 3a or the iPhone XR, brands would lower the price of their phones since consumers would not be willing to pay so much year after year for new smartphones.

Of course we are wrong since although the mid or mid / high range is increasingly interesting, the prices of smartphones in general have not stopped growing and not only in the high-end, but also in more economical ranges.

The Android Authority technology portal has “tracked” the prices of the most powerful phones from Apple, Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, among others, and compared them to the previous year. It has also done the same with more affordable terminals. The result is quite surprising, at the same time curious and interesting.

smartphone prices

Indeed, buying a smartphone in 2020 is more expensive than in 2019

The rise in the price of smartphones is due to several factors. On the one hand, the arrival of 5G to both high-end and mid-range or low-end phones and, on the other hand, some companies have changed their business model and instead of launching high-end phones, they launch premium mid-range devices that they raise the average price of this sector. A clear example of the latter is the LG Velvet, a device that cannot be classified in the high-end range but that is quite premium to be considered only as a mid-range.

Curiously, the Samsung Galaxy have become somewhat cheaper, mainly the fault of the Galaxy S20 FE, one of the most recommended phones of 2020. Now, The Note 20 have increased in price compared to the previous line.

It's time to talk about OnePlus. This OnePlus from 2020 is not the one from years ago since its phones are much more expensive (which is otherwise normal). The OnePlus 8, 8 Pro and 8T are priced substantially higher than their predecessors. The same happens with Xiaomi, a firm that has always been characterized by launching some of the smartphones with the best value for money on the market. Well, you know that they have also increased price.

In short, yes, phones today are more expensive than last year. Almost all the top of the range cost more than 1,000 dollars (euros) and the existence of a greater number of mid-range / premium phones also counts. Now, it is also true that we have many more devices to choose from without forgetting the existence of fairly inexpensive high-end ranges such as the aforementioned Galaxy S20 FE or the OnePlus high-end, that confirm that you do not have to spend a fortune to have a phone that lasts for years and years.