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Xiaomi will stop the development of MIUI 12 to focus on the next big version: MIUI 12.5

It's official: the next big version of the custom cape it will not be MIUI 13, but MIUI 12.5. This has been confirmed by Xiaomi in its Chinese community of users, surely to renew the software for the launch of the first important mobile of the season: the Xiaomi Mi 11.

We have not finished 2020 yet and all brands are preparing the next launches, those that will arrive during the first months of 2021. The arrival of the Snapdragon 888 sets the tone for renovations, also the fact that manufacturers seem to advance their launch dates. . Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S21 should arrive on January 14; and Xiaomi would not be too confused since The Xiaomi Mi 11 would also be almost ready. As is often the case, the brand's software will be renewed just like the hardware.

Xiaomi will stop the development of MIUI 12 on December 14

Miui 125 Confirmation in the Chinese MIUI community as development of MIUI 12 stops to welcome MIUI 12.5

Xiaomi's software division usually creates version jumps in the layer that later It is completed with new functions as the software evolves and is extended to phones. These updates, which are weekly in the case of the Chinese beta, usually stop when Xiaomi plans a break in development with a new key version. It is what is about to happen: MIUI 12.5 is in the starting box.

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Xiaomi has confirmed the start of the development of MIUI 12.5 to the users of the weekly beta of the ROM. As reflected in the announcement in the Chinese MIUI community, developers will stop the evolution of MIUI 12 to facilitate the arrival of MIUI 12.5. There is no more confirmation than that, we also do not know details of the next version or when it will land on the phones. It is to be expected that those who are aimed at the Chinese beta will be the first to test MIUI 12.5; While the Xiaomi Mi 11 should be the first phones to adapt the aforementioned version in its stable form, with Android 11 as standard.

That Xiaomi continues to improve its personalized layer is excellent news, also that it is arriving updated in a good part of the catalog. Always lacking, as has happened recently with MIUI 12: there will be phones that do not give enough of themselves to update.

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