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Xiaomi opens its 1,000th store in China

The Chinese firm reaches the symbolic figure at home.

Perhaps in Spain we are still not fully aware of the magnitude that Xiaomi has beyond our borders, but the truth is that its impact is stratospheric, especially in China.

A good example of this is that on December 6, the Chinese giant will open its My 1,000th Home in the Asian country. Specifically, this millenary store is located in the Chengdu city. To celebrate this opening, Xiaomi will offer discounts on some products and souvenirs in Mi Home itself during launch day.

25 Chinese cities already have a Mi Home


Image of a Xiaomi store in Barcelona.

Xiaomi has been distributing its presence throughout China over time. To be precise, they are currently 25 cities in the country that have at least one official brand store. The headquarters of the symbolic 1,000 store, Chengdu currently has six and will soon be seven.

Mi Home is the terminology that Xiaomi uses for its own physical stores. In it, it offers services that it does not provide under any other channel such as return policy without stress within 7 days for no reason or personalized attention for repairs or questions about terminals.

In the sense of "being everywhere", a few days ago at the presentation conference of the new Note 9 Series Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi, president of Xiaomi China and general manager of the Redmi brand, said that in the next year (by 2021) every county in China would have a Xiaomi Mi Home. Out of ambition it will not be.