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'Wonder Woman 1984' also sweeps torrents with historic download records

'Wonder Woman 1984' is one of (the few) films of the moment, and one that has managed to revive the box office in the United States by establishing an almost miraculous record for 2020, especially because of how battered movie theaters have been during the pandemic.

But it is not just the box office, the conversation, or the streaming that the film seems to be dominating, but the P2P downloads. In fact, the interest and availability are so great that in TorrentFreak they report numbers never seen before in which last Saturday almost 10% of all downloads on torrent sites were related to wonder woman.

The first but not the last

Wonder Woman 1984 Torrents

The film directed by Patty Jenkins lands within a whole new panorama for the film industry, It is the first film of its magnitude to be released at the same time on a streaming platform like HBO Max at no additional cost, and that simultaneous release seems to be also having an impact on the number of torrents available from day one.

Warner already claimed that the box office of 'Tenet' was the reason for releasing the film in theaters and HBO Max simultaneously, and after seeing what happened with 'Mulan' it has been a quite wise decision.

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But HBO Max is not available worldwide, and simultaneous release is limited to some regions. For everyone else who can't or won't wait, we know that alternative has always been around.

While the usual thing used to be that after a movie was released in theaters, the first online copies were of very poor quality in the style of CAM and DVDScreener versions, These 4K HDR releases online from day one are feeding a new beast very hungry for unauthorized copies of movies, and a resurgence in torrenting, especially when content is available in the best possible quality so early.

While two years ago not even the end of 'Game of Thrones' broke the historical records of torrents, due to the drastic changes in the world of downloads now that we have so many streaming services easily accessible, the case 'Wonder Woman' shows that the changes keep flowing side and side.