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With this application for Windows 10 you can group applications in the same icon on the taskbar

Taskbar Groups is a small, free and open source Windows 10 application that has a single extremely useful feature: allows you to pin groups of applications to the taskbar.

This is especially for those who prefer an organized desktop but use many applications. If you are one of those who anchor all your apps to the Windows superbar, with this tool you can group them in the style of mobile desktops, saving space and ordering everything better.

How to use

Group Icons

Using Taskbar Groups is very simple, you must first download the latest version from the releases page on GitHub. The most recent is v0.1.3. Download the file Taskbar.groups.zip and extract the folder to your preferred location.

Taskbar Gropus is a portable application, that is, it does not require installation, just run the file Taskbar groups.exe inside the ZIP file that you unzipped after downloading. This will open the main program window.

This app lets you change the color, position, transparency and style of the Windows 10 taskbar almost as if it were a dock

Create Group

From that window you can start creating your groups to anchor to the bar. You just have to click on the icon that says "Add taskbar gruop" and start adding applications in the pop-up window.

You will have to give your group a name and choose an icon in PNG format to be the main icon that will be seen in the bar. To add the programs that will be part of the group you will need to navigate through the Windows installation directories and you will have to find the shortcuts to the programs you want to add.

Group Task Bar Icons

You can also choose the width of the group, that is, the number of programs you want to see on the same line when you click on the group icon. When you finish and save your group, a window opens showing you a shortcut icon to your group, that is the one you must drag to the superbar to anchor.

Clicking on the icon of your group in the bar what it does is open a pop-up box at the top with all the icons of the applications that you added to the group and from there you can launch the one you prefer. It is very convenient.

Windows 10 Desktop Icon Groups

It is also useful to pin the groups to the Windows desktop

These groups also work on the desktop, you can add groups to a single icon and instead of pinning to the bar, you can add them to the Windows desktop, as shown in the image above.

Via | gHacks