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Winner of the EuroMillions of Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Find out which are the winning numbers and stars of the EuroMillions draw, and also the winner of El Millón!

Find out here what are the winning numbers of the EuroMillions. The result of the EuroMillions draw on December 15, 2020 is 9, 13, 21, 29 and 35 and the stars number 1 and 2. If your ticket has those numbers, you win a special jackpot of 17 million euros.

Regarding the number awarded in El Millón, where it is drawn one million euros Among all the Spanish EuroMillions players, the winning code on December 15, 2020 is JBM07803.

How much money can you earn with the EuroMillions?

EuroMillions are an initiative organized by the main gambling operators in Europe. Since they bring together several countries (Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria and Luxembourg) with about 500 million potential players, prizes are usually very large.

The biggest prizes that have been distributed in recent years have gone from 100 to 190 million euros, mainly with winners from Spain and the United Kingdom. Of course, the probability of hitting the "jackpot" is very remote, but statistics indicate that at least one out of every thirteen tickets receives a prize.

Play EuroMillions It does not have much science: it is as simple as choosing any five numbers from 1 to 50 and two “lucky stars”, which are two numbers from 1 to 12. With this on the table, there are 139,838,160 possible combinations, having a 0.000000715% chances of hitting the first prize.

EuroMillions Winner

Hit the winning combination of EuroMillions, and you can dedicate yourself to monitoring clouds for the rest of your life!

Every week they are celebrated two draws, one on Tuesday and one on Friday. The highest prize starts at 17 million euros, an amount that increases as the draws progress without first-rate winners.

According to the Euromillions website, the maximum that this jackpot can reach is 200 million euros, which can exceptionally increase up to 250 million euros (10 million euros for each draw without a winner).

What is the Million EuroMillions and how does it work in Spain?

El Millón is a game linked to the EuroMillions that is included in every ticket sold in Spain. It is mandatory to participate, that is, every time you fill out a EuroMillions ticket, you will be assigned a random code auto-generated by the receipt validation machine.

This code is totally unique and belongs to single award category. If, together with the EuroMillions draw, your code matches the one randomly drawn in the draw, you win one million euros. As simple as that.