Windows 10 smart tabs have reappeared on the system

Sometimes it is hard to believe that it has been more than three years since Microsoft first showed 'Sets', that great idea for organize apps in Windows 10 in browser-style tabs, and one that appeared to be dead.

Well it seems that in one way or another Microsoft has not completely abandoned the idea, and that is Options directly related to 'Sets' have appeared in the latest Windows 10 Insider build, number 21277.

Settings for 'Sets' in Windows 10 multitasking options

New Sets Options In Settings

Although nothing related to this appears in the official change notes that Microsoft published, the Twitter user @thebookisclosed, famous for discovering hidden features in different Windows builds, has come across 'Sets' while examining the aforementioned version of Windows 10.

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In the Multitasking section of the Windows 10 System Configuration, new options related to 'Sets' appear under the virtual desktops section, including options to confirm the closure of all tabs and apps to exclude so that they are not included in tab sets .

Windows 10 Battery Usage Settings Build 21277

New battery options in settings

And 'Sets' isn't the only hidden feature found in that build, there's also a new Android-style battery usage graph. New options for the taskbar, recommendations for old files to delete in the storage section, new options for webcams, and the return of the application archives function.

If 'Sets' has a future or not in Windows 10 is something that remains to be expected, we do not know if Microsoft will end up adding the function to the system one day, but what it is clear is that they continue to play with the possibility at least in test builds, because it keeps showing up in different forms over and over again.