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Why the Snapdragon 888 is called like that and not Snapdragon 875 as it would play

Qualcomm's new flagship processor comes under the name Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 instead of Snapdragon 875. Why?

The new mobile reference platform from Qualcomm arrives, one more year, loaded with technology and with the idea of ​​giving life to best smartphones of the next year. But the technical advances that the arrival of the Snapdragon 888 5G They have not surprised as much as another detail has: your name.

Because we all expected Qualcomm's new high-end processor to be the Snapdragon 875. However, the company has pulled out of its sleeve a SoC with a very different name that breaks the nomenclature schemes of the company itself. But what is the reason behind this change?.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888

Snapdragon 888, Qualcomm's new benchmark processor.

Qualcomm focuses on China

To understand why Qualcomm has chosen number 888 to name its latest benchmark processor, it is interesting to take a look at one image taken from the presentation conference itself of the Snapdragon 888, in which a member of the Qualcomm board referred to the collaborating partners who are going to use this processor in their next star phones:

Brands that collaborate with Qualcomm

Brands that work with Qualcomm and that will include the Snapdragon 888 in their phones ..

At first glance it does not seem that the image has anything special. However, the most astute will have deduced that all companies that appear on the screen Except for two - we must not forget that Motorola is part of Lenovo - are from chinese origin.

And what about the number 8 in China? A simple Google search tells us that number 8 is a very special number in Chinese culture, as it symbolizes good luck and is sometimes used to represent absolute perfection, referring to the symmetry and perfect balance of its shape.

So important is the Number 8 in Chinese culture, it is common to see how houses that contain a number 8 in their address they become more expensive than the rest, or how the price of the license plates of vehicles with the number 8 have a higher price. Yet another clue is the date and time of the beginning of the Beijing Olympic Games: August 8, 2008 –8 / 8 / 2008– at 08:08:08.

Therefore, it is quite evident that, on this occasion, Qualcomm aspires to continue conquering the Chinese market through a processor whose name clearly pays homage to the number of fortune in Chinese culture. To this must be added that, in this market,

This is the most plausible theory when it comes to explaining the reason behind this name change. Although Qualcomm has something to say about it.

In the words of the company -using recognized youtuber Michael Fisher as spokesperson-, 888 has been chosen for the simple fact that, for the signature, the number 8 has always been used to indicate the maximum level reached by your processors, and since the progress made in the development of the Snapdragon 888 is so significant, repeat the number 8 three times is a way of indicating that the Snapdragon 888 is the best to ever come out of the firm's factories.

In any case, and regardless of their name, it is clear that the Advances made with the Snapdragon 888 are worthy of admiration. We are talking about a processor that represents the largest leap made by Qualcomm in its high-end range since the arrival of the Snapdragon 835, with a new CPU and artificial intelligence architecture, a totally revamped ISP, a much more powerful GPU and a 5G modem built into the SoC. Once the first terminals based on this platform arrive to demonstrate what is the 888 capable of, I fear that the controversy around his name will remain in the background.