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When do I get vaccinated? This Government website has all the official information on vaccination against the coronavirus

The Government of Spain has enabled an official website with all the information about the coronavirus vaccine. From they try to answer all the questions from the public about the different stages, the priority groups and the question we all have: When do I get vaccinated?

The portal will be updated with the relevant information as the process progresses, we are currently in the first stage of vaccination during which the three major priority groups will be vaccinated. The home page shows that between March and June 2021 we will be entering the following stages whose groups are pending to be announced.

Who decides which people get vaccinated and when and how they get it?

When I Vacuno Spain

This and many more questions are explained in detail on the site, they also offer documents and links of interest which include the COVID-19 vaccination strategy in Spain updated by the Ministry of Health.

They estimate that just vaccinating people over 80 years of age will reduce the mortality of Covid-19 by half

If you want to know cost of the vaccine, contraindications, side effects, what to do if you experience an adverse reaction, if the vaccine is mandatoryIf you can lead a normal life after wearing one, and the enormous benefits of getting vaccinated, there you will find the answers.

Although the health services of each autonomous community will contact the people to be vaccinated depending on the order of priority established, there is no shortage of doubts for the population, and the authorities ask not to contact the health system individually about vaccination. This website is a very valuable complement to get official information to people during such an important event.