WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram do not work: what is happening?

Media Europe is suffering drops on Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and as well as Facebook services like Messenger are having problems in different parts of the world but above all in Europe.

As Down Detector shows and according to specialized media such as XDA-Developers, there is a massive drop on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to which there are problems in Workplace, the professional platform of the social network.

Server problems?

WhatsApp down

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are experiencing problems in Europe.

The fall seems to affect especially to Europe, especially to countries such as the United Kingdom or Germany, but also to some parts of Central Europe as well as to Spain and Portugal.

Taking a look at the Down Detector map, we see that Messenger is the main affected, followed by Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp in this order. Since the drop is practically identical in all four services, we can speculate that it is with some error from your European data centers, although it is still too early to confirm it.

WhatsApp Downdetector

Messenger takes the brunt of the downfall.

From Facebook they confirm the problem from the Workplace status tool, where users are informed that they could experience connection errors. This notice has been in effect all day, so it seems that the technical problems they have been spreading throughout the empire of Facebook.

As they count, they are working urgently to find the solution, a headache that adds to the already troubled news that the company will be investigated for monopolistic practices. A great day to be Mark Zuckerberg.