WhatsApp could become independent from Facebook if US demand prospers

Will WhatsApp be an independent company again? That is what the lawsuit imposed by the United States asks of Facebook.

It was one of the big tech news of the week, and probably of the month: Facebook has been sued by the United States, due to anti-competitive practices related to the purchase of WhatsApp and Instagram, and the measures taken by the social network company to limit the freedom of third-party developers to work with their APIs and technologies.

One of the consequences that could arise, derived from this demand, would be the Facebook's obligation to ditch two of its most valuable assets: Instagram and WhatsApp. So perhaps in the not too distant future, it is possible that WhatsApp is no longer owned by Facebook.

Facebook and WhatsApp

Facebook might have to get rid of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, independent again?

It was in February 214 when Facebook spent 19,000 million dollars to buy WhatsApp, which in its day was the leading instant messaging app globally, and that for years has been higher.

Although regulatory bodies they saw with good eyes the purchase in the beginning, over the years it has been determined that in fact the purchase has been great impediments to competition. Therefore, the possibility of undo this acquisition so that WhatsApp and Instagram become independent companies again.

Facebook alleges in its defense that, were it not for the fact that at the time the company decided to seize power from these two companies, it would probably neither Instagram nor WhatsApp would have become what they are today.

However, although federal and state regulators want to reverse the purchase, this measure it won't happen overnight: If demand is successful, it will most likely trigger a long legal battle.