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WhatsApp calls reach their web version: call from your PC

Making and receiving calls from WhatsApp Web is a reality.

WhatsApp calls is one of the most useful options in the app, but its big drawback is that they could only be done from the smartphone version. The developers have been working for some time to expand it to the web version and It is already officially implemented, although in beta. Of course, it seems that this will be a reality for all users very soon.

As they have revealed from Wabetainfo, WhatsApp is already testing calls from the desktop version of the app on random users, so if nothing fails, the next step is that you are be implemented globally very soon.

calls whatsapp web

The calls on the web version of WhatsApp are here.

This is how desktop calls and video calls are

The users chosen by WhatsApp to test in beta phase the calls and video calls of the app from the desktop of their computer have seen how two new icons were attached to the options panel for a conversation. By clicking on the icon of a telephone and a video camera, respectively, those who have this option can now communicate with other users through voice and video calls from a computer.

call whatsapp desktop notification panel

This is how WhatsApp desktop calls will look when they are activated for everyone. Via WabetaInfo.

When receiving a call on the desktop, a window will automatically be displayed that will inform the identity of the person who is calling and, next to this, the classic buttons to accept or reject the call. Also, if we accept the proposition Another smaller window will open informing you that we are in the course of a conversation.

call whatsapp desktop

The icons for calls and video calls on WhatsApp desktop. Via WabetaInfo.

At the moment, we remember, it is a function in the testing phase, but it would not be surprising if it was officially expanded very soon, since the desktop version is one of the priorities for WhatsApp.