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What is missing from WhatsApp to finish “Snapchat” or “TikTokizar”

This path has no turning back: WhatsApp is "Snapchatizing" and "TikTokeando", making it clear in passing that soon you will hardly be able to differentiate between your favorite social networks.

The increasingly reasonable resemblance between all social platforms It was something that had been noticed for a long time, and it is that in this industry everything moves so fast that it is almost normal for all actors to go fishing among the good features of its rivals to keep growing.

Is not alien WhatsApp, nor the rest of 'The World of Facebook', and it is that it gives the feeling after seeing the comparative tables published by Axios a few days ago, that all their social networks and communication and messaging apps are "Snapchatizing" I "TikTokising" at breakneck speed, as these new networks so popular with young people lead the way.

Facebook moves slowly, in any case, developing important news in WhatsApp such as some 'State' who adopted Instagram stories or the built-in filters when sharing photos, but I have no doubt that all platforms look more and more alike complicating their differentiation and their specific utility in certain cases.

WhatsApp and the World of Facebook

WhatsApp and the World of Facebook, increasingly similar to TikTok, Snapchat and the others.

The mirror for everyone: Snapchat, TikTok and their popularity among the youngest

The general picture is quite discouraging in this regard, and it is that although all technology platforms were born focusing on quite different foci to attract users by focusing on a very specific target audience, the truth is that as time passes all already have similar functionalities and differ only in philosophy and values, in its type of average user and in the use cases that we give to each platform.

To show a button, and that while Twitter integrated its 'Fleets' as ephemeral posts of only 24 hours, a functionality similar to Snapchat stories for 'tweeters', from Snapchat itself they announced their push to the news.

It has not been the only thing we have seen lately, because WhatsApp has explored the messages that self-destruct following that concept of ephemeral stories, and again Snapchat presented us 'Spotlight' Like his response to TikTok videos, which has been a video tab within his app that distributes content based on popularity and not on who creates them.

The functionalities of the main social platforms.

A comparative table of Axios, with the functionalities of the main social platforms.

Facebook has also launched 'Reels' for Instagram, or what has been your direct competition for TikTok, and that Instagram was born 10 years ago as an application for sharing photos by artists and fans of the world of design.

Snapchat for example, it was created as a private messaging app to chat with friends and share ephemeral content, but today it already includes games, maps and many other options to interact with more people and develop other relationships.

The same thing happens to Twitter, which was something like a platform to share ideas publicly, but now it allows you to easily share news, images, videos or audio, helping users to discuss and talk about current events in many more ways.

WhatsApp statuses

WhatsApp statuses, something like Stories in messaging.

The curious case of WhatsApp, and how to grow a messaging service

The WhatsApp section is probably the most complicated to study, and that is that Facebook paid a whopping 18,000 million dollars for the user base of the most popular instant messaging service globally, which was born as strictly that, an instant messaging service heir to Messenger or Google Talk of yore.

The differentiating idea of ​​WhatsApp was link the mobile phone number to the service account, much simpler and more intuitive than the email addresses used until then, and integrate with the agendas of our smartphones to facilitate communication.

In any case, monetizing an app of this type was not easy, and although they began by charging 1 euro a year to users, they soon understood that the path was not that because options like Telegram were totally free integrating more options. That is why perhaps the WhatsApp model has evolved to look more and more like other social platforms.

Today WhatsApp already has video calls or the possibility of sharing multimedia content of all kinds, in addition to the 'State' as your own story services and lately also the messages that self-destruct embracing Snapchat concepts.

Its video editor in the purest TikTok style, the multi-device functionality of Telegram, the possibility of buying and paying through the messaging service itself or more professional WhatsApp Business options in the purest style of Slack, Skype or similar are about to be completed.

WhatsApp will end up being a kind of comprehensive messaging service complete with options from other social networks, and we could even see requests from users as recurrent as secret chats, the editing of sent messages that is also requested from Twitter and even reactions to messages in the style of Slack or Teams, with direct emoticons. There are many requests but we already know that Facebook is going at its own pace, very slowly ... Or how long have you been waiting for the multi-device WhatsApp?